Complex lake park club

Reconstruction of the concrete pool

We especially like to perform work on the reconstruction of swimming pools. They are all difficult and require special knowledge and experience. After completion of the work, the pools look like new, built from scratch.

A lot of effort and time was invested in the reconstruction of the pool in the Lake Park Country Club. Now the pool here will last even longer, due to the use of all modern building materials and compliance with the technological process in construction.

Concrete pool
Size 20.00 × 10.00 × 1.20-1.50 m
Year of construction - 2007
Facing - mosaic

It was commissioned after reconstruction in 2019.

Completed construction and repair work

  • dismantling of mosaic, waterproofing, plaster
  • dismantling of embedded elements and pipeline
  • installation of new embedded elements and pipeline
  • repairing r/c pool bowl
  • plastering and waterproofing the pool bowl
  • laying and grout mosaic
  • equipment modernization

In the pool to the existing equipment additionally installed:

  • LED Lighting
  • Reagent monitoring and automatic dosing station
  • UV disinfector
  • Control panel and equipment protection

Also here we installed a small pool which is simply created for the youngest visitors. Especially cool it fits next to large public pools, because among the vacationers there are many families with young children, for whom entertainment in the "frog" is the most interesting and favorite pastime. The pool has an attractive shape, and a safe depth provides an opportunity for children to splash in it all the hot summer day.

Composite Pool «Ritsa»

size 3.00 × 2.30 × 0.45 m

color - blue

Commissioned in 2019.

All construction work was performed on a turnkey basis:

  • excavated pit
  • filled with crushed stone
  • manufactured concrete base
  • installed composite pool
  • performed backfilling of the pool

The pool has:

  • LED Lighting
  • Sand filtration
  • UV disinfector
  • Control panel and equipment protection


Confidence in contractors is the most important selection criterion
in cooperation with Aquasphere company.

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