Private bath in dnipro

Bath sizes: 2.90 x 2.90 x 2,20m

Facing of the baths: Lint Linen (top grade)

Facing of the shelves: Abash (African oak)

The bath is made according to the individual wishes of the client:

  • a shelf 1000 mm wide, for comfortable lying on it;
  • a small shelf for the youngest members of the family;
  • decorated with juniper panel, which promotes relaxation and aromatherapy

The heart of this bath is the Estonian oven HUUM HIVE Wood, which holds 130 kg of stones. This number of stones contributes to the appearance of a comfortable microclimate in the bath, and long-term and light steam. This oven is not only functional, but also has a beautiful aesthetic appearance.


Confidence in contractors is the most important selection criterion
in cooperation with Aquasphere company.

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